The Registration Unit


The Registration Unit is one of the most important administrative sections in the College, as it represents the link between the College and the center of the educational process , the students. This unit is in charge of everything related to students, starting from joining the College and extending even after graduation. The main duties this unit arethe following:


- Receiving and registering new students.
- Distributing students to the departments concerned based on their own personal desires but in accordance with the ministerial instructions and decrees, and providing the departments with the admission lists.
- Issuing administrative orders regarding the admission of newly accepted students, orders for students who fail by absence and those who are dismissed.


- Opening files for the newly accepted students and  updating them.
- Undertaking the transference of  students from the College and to it in accordance with the regulations and instructions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
- Undertaking  the admission of Arab and foreign students to the College after completing all procedures required by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
- Undertaking the admission of students with equalized certificates after their nomination by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
- Checking up the documents presented by students admitted to the College.
- Undertaking  statistical data needed, responding to official letters regarding students affairs and setting up a safe database for all accepted students.
- Following up the files of graduate students  and updating any necessary information.
- Issuing official letters of graduation in response to graduates' requests. - Issuing graduation certificates for graduating students after careful check-up of the applicant's documents.


- Setting the final grades of all students at the end of each academic year.


personal information :

CV of the Director of Registration and Student Affairs