Database Unit

This Unit prepares data related to the teaching staff members and the personnel working in the College where data is stored stored in the database system of Shatt Al-Arab University College.

Concept of database:

It is the collection and organization of data to facilitate the extraction of useful information from it.

Concept of information:

It is data that has been processed and converted into an understandable image.

 Importance of the database:

The Unit stores a huge amount of data of different types (texts, numbers, dates ... etc.) in an accurate and integrated manner carrying out operations and processing on this data to come up with the needed information and easy retrieval of information quickly and efficiently and the possibility of modification and updating of this data. The Unit also seeks top security, confidentiality regarding the stored information, data  retention and safety. Centralized monitoring of  data and preventing its unnecessary repetition are also important to secure both proficiency and accuracy.

Database Unit Duties:
This Unit undertakes a number of duties :

- Electronic archiving of all orders, certificates, academic promotions, resumes and personal information for each teaching staff member.

- Creating an excel database for each teaching staff member according to the  department concerned, including information related to orders of appointment, the academic title, the certificate, and any other useful information.

- Creating an excel database for employees and workers, including all necessary information, appointment orders, certificates and any other important information.

- Accurately collecting information about the College various tasks and duties and keeping it electronically and on paper.

- Undertaking continuous statistics about teachers, staff, workers and students.

- Preparing answers for The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research official letters regarding data, information and statistics.

- Undertaking continuous updating of the information related to every teaching staff member, employee and worker in accordance with the statistical system  human resources of the private University education.

- Uploading and updating all data on the links of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.


personal information:

Curriculum vitae of the database and information unite officer