The Information Unit

   This unit undertakes the task of covering and photographing all the activities, exhibitions seminars held by the College. It also covers the cultural and academic activities and events of the departments. To provide a broader coverage of these activities and events, the Unit seeks to contact the local radio and television channels as well as the media and public relations department of the University of Basra and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The Unit further Cooperates with other units in the College especially  the Student Activities Unit, the College Website Team, the Computer and Internet Team, and social networking sites to ensure acquainting the public with these events. It prepares a  monthly summary of the activities and events held in the College. Another task undertaken by the Unit is  displaying posters related to students' interests in the corridors the College . The Unit is run by Mr. Khaled H. Zuboon.

personal information :

Biography of the head of the media unit