Continuing Education Center

   The Continuing Education Center at Shatt Al-Arab University College plays a vital role in the teaching and educational process. Its duty is not limited to the College students, but includes the community through the intensive courses it holds for various government and private sector personnel from outside the College. The aim is to qualify cadres armed with the necessary skills and experience needed for proficient performance.

In addition, the Center aims at providing  special courses and  programs to upgrade the level of academic performance. The participants are also taught the research and thinking skills.

Center Goals

- Providing high-quality educational, training, technical and advisory services and programs to supply the community with young cadres capable of bringing out developing their country.

- Designing and undertaking up-to-date training programs that achieve the Center’s vision and mission.

- Promoting the professional and scientific skills of the personnel from outside the College in various fields and raising their productive efficiency.

- Setting up strategic partnerships with government and private sector institutions in order to develop their cadres.


   The Center works to prepare training programs and courses that upgrade the capabilities and skills of students and staff working in the College and also Basra community especially new graduates wishing to be qualified before joining the labor market through training.

The Message

   The center's mission provides high-quality training and development opportunities in various disciplines to support and develop the private and public sector institutions.

   The Center is run by Mr. Hussain F.Abbas Al-Maziny

personal information :

CV of the Continuing Education Unit Officer

م.م حسن فؤاد عباس المازني

محل الولادة: العراق/ البصرة تاريخ الولادة :1990
الحالة الاجتماعية: أعز  ب القومية/الديانة: عربي/مسلم
اللقب العلمي: مدرس مساعد الشهادة الحاصل عليها: ماجستير تكنولوجيا معلومات
الاختصاص العام: علوم الحاسبات الاختصاص الدقيق:  ذكاء اصطناعي و تكنلوجيا المعلومات