The College Library

   Shatt Al-Arab University College Library was established in 1993 and had aone small room with a limited number of books, then gradually expanded to reach its present well-equipped. The Library seeks to provide thousands of books, references and sources both in Arabic and English with the aim of serving students and faculty members. It also works hard to provide electronic services using up-to-date technologies, and now having tens of thousands of electronic books.

   The Library has also cooperated and coordinated with the libraries of some Iraqi universities and colleges in order to provide a database to promote scientific research for our students, academic staff and postgraduate students.

   The college library was looted in 2003 during the American invasion of Iraq. It was then reconstructed and occupied a better building.

   The Library now contains sources of knowledge that include books, manuscripts, theses and dissertations, and other important sources related to fields such as law, administration, accounting, , English and computer science.

   At present, the Library contains more than eight thousand books and more than two thousand monthly periodicals and bulletins in partnership with other universities and colleges.

The Library undertakes the following duties:

- Classification of books by main topics.
- Helping students find research topics and related facilities.
- Searching periodicals and assisting students in the process of automatic search.
- Following up the lending and returning of books.

- Holding an annual book fair where books of various subjects are displayed.
- Holding charitable exhibitions that include artwork, paintings, and students graduation projects.