Students Activities Unit


Students Activities Unit at Shatt Al-Arab University College is

one of the important administrative units that take care of

students’ talents and help them practise activities that go in

harmony with their tendencies and personal desires and refine

their talents. It also caters for students' entertainment during their

study and provide them with the skills they need. Students, for

example, can choose to undertake sport, artistic, cultural, scout

and social activities. Some events are held outside the College

whether in Basra or other governorates; other events are

organized inside the College campus.

Types of Student Activities

Sports Activities: These activities aim at whetting students'

sports talents through organizing sports matches, festivals and

competitions. Students can play football, basketball, volleyball,

handball as well as individual games such as karate, track and

field, wrestling, boxing, and swimming.

Cultural Activities: These activities seek to whet students'

cultural talents and literary hobbies'.

Areas of activity : short story writing, Arabic calligraphy, poetry

recitation, Holy Quran recitation, getting general knowledge, and

religious seminars)

Artistic activities: Such type of activities aim at refining students'

artistic talents in various artistic fields.

Fields of activity :playing on musical instruments, sculpture,

plastic arts, handicraft arts, Arabic calligraphy, photography and


Social activities: These activities aim at bolstering the social

relationships between the students and the faculty staff.


Areas of activity: volunteer work, charitable work, students'

parties, graduation ceremonies, trips and honoring of

distinguished students.

The Scout activity

- Enhancing the sense of belonging to society through helping

students to realize their duties and needs.

- Promoting students scouting skills.

- Qualifying students to take responsibility and make decisions.

- Refining students' talents and promoting their abilities.

- Promoting students' faith in Islam.

- Acquainting students with the scout law.

The Unit is run by Mr. Haider T. Sharhan

personal information :

Hassan Adel Gouda Dagher
Responsible for the Student Activities Division at the college